Semiconductor Industry and Market Report

Semiconductor Industry

Semiconductors are the basis for our technological society. They are found in everything from computers, phones, lights and software. Without semiconductors, the crux, of the Information Age would be limited. Semiconductors make it possible to use a device with a control switch. The semiconductor industry employs about a quarter million people in the United States. In 2014, over $34 billion was invested in development and research. Roughly $70 billion dollars’ worth of semiconductors are sold in the U.S. From 2013 to 2014 there has been an about a 10% increase in the sales of semiconductors. This number could continue to rise as our technology constantly changes. Semiconductors are located in a massive amount of products, sub categories have been created to help identify groups in the market. For instance logic, was the largest semiconductor to contribute to sales. Memory was the next growing sub category, followed by micro- IC’s.

Globally, semiconductors are located all over the world. Countries that are part of the Technology Race, consume a huge number of semiconductors. America leads the pack in semiconductor sales with about a 13% increase from 2014. Next comes Asia Pacific countries which include Australia, Malaysia, Russia, Cambodia, and other parts of this region. Europe follows third, and Japan for the first time saw less than a 1% increase in sales.